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English: Flag of en:Moldavia in the 14th-15th century. Update: the auroch was always black (or another dark colour). The star was golden, while the rose and the moon were silver in colour[citation needed].

The first informations regarding the color of the Moldavian flag (including elements) comes from a book of documents published in Krakow in 1533: The grand flag had a red field on which was nicely painted with gold the coat of arms of Moldavia (banderim magnum sericeum, coloris rubri, in quo arma terrae Moldaviae pulhre auro depicta erant).

Made after: Seal of en:Alexandru cel Bun (1400-1432) from the National Museum of History of Romania. [1], Image:AlexandruCelBunSeal.png, Image:StefanCelMareSeal.png, Image:VasileLupuSeal1641.png
Manba Own work
Muallif Shtephan
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