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Привет! ⛧ Γεια! ✩ !שלום ✯ Cześć! ✬ Salut! ✻ ¡Hola! ✼ Сәлем! ✭ Привіт! ✫ Hallo! ✽ Sveiki! ✶ Terve! ✾ Olá!
Greetings and salutations
✨ Hi there! My nickname is Mrakia (Мракья [ˈmrakʲɪ̯ə] in Russian[1]). My pronouns are she/her/hers.
✨ My interests include (but are not limited to) psychoscience, mythology, philosophy, writing systems, social sciences, and information technology. I am excited to learn more about all this while working with others.
✨ You can leave a message for me here, on my user talk page. You may also visit my user page on Russian Wikipedia.
This user identifies as woman, and prefers to be referred to using feminine gender pronouns.
This user is a fourth-wave feminist, and supports women’s rights, BLM and LGBTQ+ community.
This user is interested in the Goddess movement and is a Wiccan (witch).
This user is interested in pharmacology and gynæcology.
This user is interested in psychiatry and abnormal psychology.
This user, just like Carl Jung, likes to explore the psychological side of the occult practices and mystical experiences.
This user has been editing Wikipedia for more than ten years. She has created more than 250 articles on the Russian language Wikipedia.
This user does not always see her grammar mistakes. It would be nice of you to correct them.
This user chats on the Wikipedia Discord server as Мракья#6660.
This user’s IRC nick is Mrakia on the server
Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or Discord if you have any questions. Please use GPG if you want your message to stay private. My public key is here.


  1. From Russian мрак (“murk, darkness”) + feminine suffix -ья.